Ecover's pledge is helping to clean up the planet one bottle
at a time.


We pledge to constantly innovate, evaluate and future proof our products; from the ingredients we choose, the processes we use to the bottles in your home.

We're hooked on plastic - future proofing our bottles with the clever mix of Plant-astic, Recycled Plastic and reclaimed Sea Plastic will set new standards in packaging, closing the loop in everyday recycling making it the easy choice for you.

Our pledge to you is that we will never stand still when it comes to sustainability.

Philip Malmberg, Ecover CEO


Why plastic needs more innovation...

And what the future holds.

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Cleaning the seas, one catch at a time

Yes, that's right. We're fishing for plastic then turning it into sustainable packaging.

Genius! The seas are cleaner, the fish are healthier, and the plastics can be recycled again and again.

Have your say

Message in our Bottle: You could say we're hooked on plastic, but in a good way. The question is what do you think of plastic and it's role in today's throw-away society? Come and share your thoughts and see what others think too!

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    55. KathyKat
    5 months ago

    Really great company, more should follow your lead. A lot of plastic used should be banned, it is over the top and much of it is unnecessary!

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    54. sukey
    6 months ago

    i think it very important what youre doing. i have one of those sea bottle and keep getting it filled cause i think its great, well done.. they should BAN all carrier bags there not needed people are just lazy

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    53. Sammyeco
    A year or more ago

    I think ecover are fantastic about helping the enviroment, if all firms followed your Eco footsteps the planet would be safer and a lot healthier, how can we get these firms to follow in your Eco footsteps, and why do you see on tv that other countries are a lot more Eco friendly than us, and we are way behind how can we remedy this?

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    52. Bopeep
    A year or more ago

    I believe that it's the companies producing the plastics who should be made to be more responsible by the governments. We are paying through our taxes to get rid of something most of us don't want because of the environmental impact. Why are businesses allowed to get away with causing such pollution. It's madness.

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    51. selkie
    A year or more ago

    I'd like to see more companies coming on board with this idea. Some beaches where I live are so littered with plastic it's horrifying. In my 45 years on the planet I have seen it get steadily worse. I cleaned a very small beach this spring with my daughters, (it was only about 20 - 30 ft), it took us almost 3 hours and we lifted 10 black bags full of plastic bottles, net and general human detritus.

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    50. Crazytoesfenwick
    A year or more ago

    We've been visiting a beautiful little beach near Woolacombe, Devon for many years now and I was very sad to see the amount of plastic lying on the beach this year. The amount of plastic produced and how it's created definitely needs to be addressed but everyone needs to do their bit. Before we left on Sunday we took our dog for a walk on the beach with bags we had from camping and collected 5 bags of plastic, if all the other visitors had done the same that day the beach would look as beautiful and untouched by humans as it has in the past.

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    49. ForeverDancing
    A year or more ago

    Hi there ecover
    I like that you are using plant material for your plastic bottles, but as one customer mentions, HOW IS SUGERCANE GROWN IN SOME PLACES?
    Also, mono culture, sugar generally being one of the culprits, is very bad for the planet and its eco systems, tho' I realise that to supply enough of certain foods etc, it appears to be the only way to farm.....NOT VERY IMAGINATIVE, bit to get to the point of my comments,.....How about making plastic from HEMP, which does no harm to the environment, needs no pesticides and has many uses for the parts not needed for making plastic. plastics????

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    48. Ceres
    A year or more ago

    I did not know about this amazing initiative, and I am so pleased its happening. I had the privilege of working on a conservation project some years ago and saw at first hand the damage plastic could do - turtles choking to death on plastic bags and even a dolphin getting its head trapped in a plastic bag,in the latter case fortunately a local fisherman managed to untangle the dolphin from the bag. My local Health Food Shop provides Ecover refills, so it saves on bottles to.

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    47. LilliPoppi
    A year or more ago

    I had no idea this initiative was going on, as you say its genius! and such a fantastic idea. I also think all plastic bags should be replaced with paper bags - they are just as strong and look just as good.

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    45. PGC
    A year or more ago

    Dear. It is very important to inform you of where the sugar cane. In most countries where sugarcane plant is used child labor and workmen are subjected to poor conditions. Plantations of sugar cane in Brazil for example greatly expanded and become very damaging monoculture soil and especially the cities that are around these plantations. In the state of São Paulo in Brazil cities have to live with a very strong smoke because sugar cane planters put on fire before planting to harvest, thereby facilitating the process. Therefore it is very important to emphasize the benefits of their products, but on the other hand is very important to clarify how it is done all the planting of sugar cane and its consequences, because in third world countries as it is here in Brazil, laws and policies correct are far from the reality of the UK. Paulo Guilherme Correa (email: paulo.gcorrea @ - Sorry for my english!!

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