About The Top Facial Products

There are countless products available in the markets that can be used by men and women on their skins. However, when it comes to selecting these products one should make sure to choose those that have been manufactured by a reliable brand or company. Some of the highly rated facial products that are popular because of their excellent results are listed in this article; all of which can use on a regular basis.

Some effective facial products:

1. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

Women who want to fight aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles, must invest in buying the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum to revive their skin. The use of this product over time will help in improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Some of the key ingredients contained in this serum include:

a) Bamboo isoflavones
b) Extracts of green, yellow and white tea – antioxidants
c) Dill extract – skin firmer
d) Glycerin – moisturizer and much more.

This serum is also very powerful in preventing and fighting sun damaged skin and comes in a creamy orange lotion with a light flowery fragrance.

2. Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Concealer

With the translucent skin make up being a hit for the year, most women are looking for concealers to give a smoother look to their faces. Those who are looking for milder options in a concealer will definitely benefit from the Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Concealer which also includes SPF 20. This formula helps in covering the dark circles and fine line perfectly. What is more, this concealer comes in eight shades, which makes it impossible for anyone not to find a shade in accordance to their skin shade. The greatest benefit for using Dermablend Professional Smooth Indulgence Concealer is that it remains smooth on the skin without caking throughout the day.

3. Weleda Skin Food

This product is full of goodness for the skin. The key ingredients include:

a) Sunflower seed oil – moisturizer
b) Lanolin – moisturizer
c) Sweet almond oil – moisturizer
d) Beeswax – moisturizer
e) Chamomile – anti-inflammatory
f) Calendula – antiseptic

Weleda Skin Food is the ultimate hydrating, nutritious and relaxing formula that can be used by those with a dry skin who prefer all natural products. It comes as a thick pale yellow oily cream with herby fragrance. It can also be used on chapped lips.

4. Revaléskin Night Cream

This is considered as one of the most powerful skin reinvigorating creams that can actually prevent DNA damage which may be responsible for skin cancer. This night cream has been found to be very effective in fighting the aging process and contains ingredients like:

a) CoffeeBerry – antioxidant
b) Glycerin – moisturizer
c) Dimethicone – moisturizer
d) Sodium hyaluronate – moisturizer

One of the greatest attributes of this night formula is that it is not greasy and so does not clog the pores. It comes as a light cream in pistachio color.

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