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Basics of Songwriting



This course will cover some basic concepts in songwriting online. Have you ever listened to a song that you loved and wondered how they did it? This course teaches you how music and lyrics are combined to create songs.

The Simple Things That Make a Great Song

  • Learn how to analyze and dissect lyrics
  • Learn how choruses and verses are constructed
  • Make your own songs with simple ideas
  • Check out case studies of songs that are well-known by different artists
  • Learn what makes a great progression of chords
  • Learn all about the parts of a song

Songs have been used by people since the dawn of time to communicate, to share ideas and to express their feelings. Songs are the most effective way to spread ideas through music. The song is the most widely-recognized and easily accessible method of creating art.

This course will teach you how songs are made. This course will help you understand what to listen to when listening to songs and how to create your own songs using the same ideas.

We will start by looking at the lyrics. What are the lyrics? How do they fit together? Do they rhyme? Are there any musical elements implicit in them. This will allow you to analyze two songs of different times and genres, and show how many tricks can be used to interpret the song. We can then create a new song using the same ideas.

Next, you’ll learn how to recognize harmonic progressions. What chords should you use underneath your words? You can use music theory to your advantage. Analyzing a few songs will help you understand how these progressions work. Many of them are made of the same chords. This understanding will allow you to create chord progressions for your lyrics.

We will then look at how to turn your lyrics and chords into a song. You will be able identify and understand the parts of a song. You will also learn about the different instruments as well as the fundamental principles of creating and arranging music. You can now start putting together your song.

This course is designed for the following:

  • Songwriters

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