About Heels And Looking After Them

Heels come in various forms and styles. Women wear different varieties of shoes that have heels of different heights. These shoes are considered fashionable and smart.

Popular Heels

1. Wedged heels or wedges

Almost all women find them easy and comfortable as they can walk around in the wedged heel with ease. These types of heels offer better support to the arch of the foot and thus cause less problems to the nerves and muscles in the foot. These heels are thick and chunky and offer better balance.

2. Kitten heels

These are perfect to wear at a casual get together as these heels feature a small height that can be worn with ease by girls, women and senior women as well. However, they look very smart and there has hardly been an era when these heels have been out of fashion. Women of all ages must have a pair of kitten heeled shoes to wear with their wardrobe options. These heels are often also referred to as the ‘young girl stilettos’.

3. High heeled boot

These are thigh high ankle boots or knee boots that look absolutely stylish and are perfect for a night out with friends or family. They offer support through the straps and can be bought in variety of heel lengths.

4. Pump

The pump can rightly be coined with the term “Little Black Dress” of footwear options. These shoes come in heels as high as four inches and can be worn with a number of versatile apparels. Usually these heeled shoes are light weight and have closed backs.

5. Stilettos

The word itself means a metal dragger of small size. These heeled shoes are the highest with heels measuring up to eight inches, which can prove difficult for walking if one is not used to wearing heels. However, the shoes have padded insoles to provide a soft interior and reduce chances of bruising the balls of the feet.

How to Take Care of Heels

1. Make sure to polish the shoes with high heels regularly. Scraping off the dirt or other residue from the heel and the sole will prevent loosen the shoes’ grip as well as keeping them clean.

2. De-shaping of the shoes is one of the major factors that not only causes wrinkling but also alters the shoe fitting. In order to avoid, this invest in buying a shoe tree which will keep the shoes and especially the ones with heels looking like new for many years to come.

3. Do not drive wearing heels if it can be helped. Keep an extra pair of flat shoes in the car to change into when driving If you drive while wearing high heeled shoes, you can damage your heels due to the pressure applied when driving.

4. Regularly check the heels for damages. Always make sure to get new heel pins to keep them from wearing off. Do not experiment with the heels and visit the local shoe repairer for this kind of work.

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