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In today’s world, every industry has to consider its impact on the environment, and the fashion forum is no different. With the emergence of hundreds of eco-fashion designers over the last few years, celebrities are choosing to wear eco-fashion to red carpet events….fashion conscious means more than just looking good.

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The fashion world

Five years ago, ethical fashion was given a dedicated area at London Fashion Week with the launch of Estethica. This exhibition space gives ethical fashion a strong presence at the event. Over the last eleven seasons, Estethica has supported more than 100 cutting-edge eco-designers, giving them a platform to show their designs and raise eco-fashion’s profile.

Celebrity craze

More and more celebrities are choosing eco-fashion, and this isn’t just because of ethical and environmental reasons but because they also love the style, cut and designs. The ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ by eco-aware Livia Firth (wife of Colin Firth) is an ongoing challenge she has created to highlight ethical fashion. At every red carpet event she attends, Livia sources an eco-fashion alternative to wear and urges other A-listers to do the same. And with a blog on reporting her latest fashion feats, she is giving ethical fashion the stamp of approval it deserves.

Media attention

The fashion industry’s environmental impact has sparked media interest, particularly from Lucy Siegle, ethical columnist at The Observer and reporter on BBC’s The One Show. This year, Lucy launched her first book relating to the fashion industry – ‘To Die For: is fashion wearing out the world?’ Lucy’s book is a personal and informative analysis of the fashion industry, highlighting the ethical and eco choices made by suppliers, manufacturers and designers. It also looks at the quick turnaround expected of the fashion industry by fashion lovers, demanding designs to be turned from catwalk to high street within a matter of days. This and the craze of matching celebrity wardrobes have unfortunately led to fashion becoming a high turnover and disposable industry.

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