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Forest Holidays

Getting back to nature is what Forest Holidays are all about. Nestled within stunning Forestry Commission land throughout the UK, their environmentally friendly cabins offer a chance to relax and enjoy the best of British nature, wildlife and the great outdoors.

Born out of a long-standing relationship between the Forestry Commission and the Camping and Caravanning Club, the secluded sites are located in the heart of some of our most legendary, ancient woodlands. The perfect base to explore forests such as Deerpark in Cornwall, the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, Strathyre and Argyll in Scotland, Keldy and Cropton in The North Yorkshire Moors and Sherwood Forest in Nottingham. Their newest luxury location is Blackwood Forest, Hampshire – which opens on 17th May 2013.

Forest Holidays’ minimum-impact cabins can be described as no less than a luxury. With 1,2,3, and on some sites, 4 bedroom options available, they’re ideal for couples, families and groups of friends. Fabulously kitted out kitchens, wonderful views, plush furnishings, flat-screen TV’s plus WiFi and in the higher grade cabins, added extras including hot tubs, wood-burning stoves, means you’ll have all the comforts you could ask for. In a forest!

A Forest Holiday is about enjoying quality time with loved ones in a natural environment. Spend your days walking and cycling through the woods, learning about the surroundings on Ranger-led guided walks, and indulging your sense of adventure with some of the activities such as canoeing or horse riding. If all that doesn’t leave you refreshed, nothing will.

Ecover and Forest Holidays

With our shared nature-friendly credentials, Forest Holidays and Ecover go together like bees and butterflies. Like us, they are continually looking for ways to become more sustainable – both in the bigger picture and the tiny details.

Take the cabins themselves, for example. Built from FSEC timber, they blend effortlessly in with the leafy, wooded environment. And they have clean green features such as sustainable drain away systems due to the unique tree-friendly pile foundations, low energy appliances and light fittings, and very efficient insulation.

As soon as you set foot within a Forest Holidays site, you can leave the hustle and bustle behind you. With most of the ground left untouched, they’re rich with birds, animals and plant life. That’s why Forest Holidays are a perfect partnership for Ecover. We’re both passionate about nature and believe that living in harmony with the world around us is better for everyone.

A special discount for you

Forest holidays like Ecover so much, they’re offering our members a 10% discount across their entire range of holidays. Visit the Forest Holidays website and enter the promotional code ‘ECOVER’ when you book!

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