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Frankie – Dancing on Ice Interview

Ecover: We’ve loved this year’s Dancing on Ice series; what was your favorite moment from this year’s series?

Frankie: There are many to choose from, but as I love what I do, my highlights always perform in the pro routines with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Ecover: Who would your ultimate Dancing on Ice partner be?

Frankie: Gene Kelly. But as he is unfortunately no longer with us, I’d have to go with a comedian. Imagine how much fun work would be dancing with someone like Lee Mack or Michael McIntyre; them throwing some shapes would have me in stitches.

Ecover: Spring has well and truly sprung! What puts a spring in your step at this time of year?

Frankie: I’m a very keen gardener, so I find being outside and seeing the new shoots and buds emerging therapeutic.

Ecover: Do you have any spring cleaning rituals you do every year? And do you have a must-have cleaning product?

Frankie: I just did my spring clean last week! On top of the usual things that make most spring cleaning lists like upholstery and curtains, I also like to go through my kitchen cupboards. I throw away anything that is past its best before the date, such as leftover jams or out-of-date nuts and pulses, things that always end up hanging around at the back of the cupboard.

I do the same in the bathroom and turf out the old bits of half-used old make-up and hair products too!

Ecover multi-surface spray my cleaning must-have because it is light and effective, and when you use it, you feel confident that there’s no chemical residue left hanging around.

Ecover: What is your cleaning guilty pleasure?

Frankie: I love cleaning mirrors; it is satisfying as they always come up spotless (especially with Ecover glass cleaner!)

Ecover: What is your favorite turn-it-up tune for having a boogie while cleaning?

Frankie: I usually like to listen to the radio as I can’t get all my cleaning done in just one tune. Having worked on Dancing on Ice for so long, most of the songs that come on have been used on the show at one time or another! I like Heart FM.

Ecover: You’re famous for your skills on the ice, but what was your ambition when you were young? Did you always want to be an ice skater?

Frankie: Well, I did want to go into journalism at one point and then psychology, but that was all before I discovered that you could ice skate for a living!


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