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As producers of ecologically sound washing powders, it’s no surprise we’re good friends with Gorenje: an ecologically sound washing machine manufacturer. Although its products have only been available here since 2002, Gorenje is gaining recognition as the fastest growing appliance brand in the UK.

Gorenje recommends Ecover

With our perfect match of eco-credentials, Gorenje is keen to get their customers using Ecover in their award-winning appliances. And what better way than to give it away for free? With every washing machine they sell, they give the customer a complimentary bottle of Ecover Laundry Gel. Gorenje love it because it’s tough on dirt without using any chemical nasties; it’s enzyme-free so gentle on skin; and when it’s done its work in the machine, it biodegrades easily and quickly. Between us, we make a nature-friendly efficient team.

Built to last, many of its appliances come with a free five year parts and labour guarantee; all Gorenje products are supported by a national service. But it’s not just the quality of its products that makes them so appealing to us all; it’s also Gorenje’s ethical, environmentally friendly approach.

Gorenje takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously – from the initial design of its appliances, through to manufacturing, use and disposal; 90% of the internal components are recyclable. Gorenje is continuously working to reduce the amount of waste produced during manufacture, along with the energy and natural resources used in the process. Its goal is to make appliances that use less power, water and detergents. Gorenje won a well-deserved award for ‘Best Eco Washing Machine’ from Good Housekeeping magazine, earning extra praise for its machine’s energy and water efficiency, and has been named Reader’s Digest’s ‘Most Trusted Brand’ in Slovenia for five years running. Good job, Gorenje!

Working with Gorenje

Like us, the team at Gorenje are actively involved in the development of both new technologies and products that are better for the environment. And just as we were amongst the first to ban harmful phosphates in our detergents, they were amongst the first to abandon potentially hazardous refrigerants and propellants. When launching our new range of washing powders and liquids, it seemed only natural to team up with Gorenje and offer Ecover users the chance to win a state of the art Gorenje washing machine along with a year’s supply of Ecover laundry products.

It’s been truly inspiring to work with a company who considers innovation, technology and environmental responsibility as important as we do. Of course, the next time we decide to give away some of Gorenje’s fantastic appliances, you’ll be the first to know.

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