How Shopping Cart Strategies Was Born

Don’t you love that with just a basic amount of knowledge you can set up an online store and be selling to your customers after a few hours of work… with virtually zero upfront cost. It is purely outstanding! Don’t you love that these days you can get yourself a seriously powerful shopping cart application for only $25/month. Don’t you love that you can outsource your more specialised tasks such as graphic design to freelancers all around the world for ridiculously low prices, without having to worry about employing more staff. Don’t you love that Google can send you thousands of potential new customers to your site, that are actually looking for what you’re selling and then provide you with detailed analytics that tell you all about what they did on your site absolutely free!

So what is holding you back? If it is knowing how to get started, you’re not alone!

I have put together Shopping Cart Strategies to help you understand all that is e-commerce. Guide you through the process of starting out and then help push you to a level where friends and family will be calling you an “e-commerce guru” in no time.

Who is Dave Beck?

As somebody who first started building websites (not very successfully to begin with) in I can at times find myself taking all this Internet stuff a bit for granted, forgetting that a lack of knowledge is still preventing a lot of small business owners from tapping into all this great stuff that’s going on. My start in online business never stemmed from a great love of computers, actually I hated them with a passion. In I completed a Bachelor of Education at Southern Cross University in Lismore (Australia), and up until that stage my life pretty much consisted of surfing, sport, friends, a little bit of study, and surprisingly more surfing and sport! At the age of 21 every thing was going along pretty smoothly for me (with my surfing and sport), that was until experiencing a major life changing event in September. Unfortunately the end result of a serious snow accident was a broken neck, essentially strapping my backside into a wheelchair for the rest of my days (that is until stem cell research is able to fix things).

As part of my rehabilitation I tried everything possible to get back into teaching. The local school was very supportive, bending over backwards to help me, but at the end of the day I had to face up to the realisation that it just wasn’t going to work. Fortunately, during my rehabilitation time I was hooked up with a computer and had a bloke by the name of Joel Flom teach me one-on-one the ins and outs of the Apple Mac (ironically I am now using a PC). Fortunately, Joel was also working as a web designer in Lismore and it was definitely his influence that got me on my way. After a year or two building the odd website here and there I co-founded a web development agency with my then business partner, Louise Claes. We formed eMedia Worx in and during that time I was able able to help many business owners get their business online.

So What Is Shopping Cart Strategies About?

Shopping Cart Strategies (while still in its infancy) has been a pipe dream of mine from many years, however the time constraints of co-owning a web development/marketing agency never allowed me the opportunity to get started. While I enjoyed working with clients one-on-one I always felt that there was an opportunity to help more people, more efficiently, through online group training. So after years of procrastination I finally bit the bullet, sold my share of eMedia Worx to Louise, and started Shopping Cart Strategies, a place where those who are new to e-commerce can get started. If you have an interest in e-commerce I would love for you to subscribe to Shopping Cart Strategies, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or have reached “e-commerce guru” status, we are all here to help each other.

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