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How To Plan Your Shopping Trip

Twas the night before Christmas… wait no, no, actually twas the night before my geography exam. (I know, nowhere near as exciting eh?) Anyway, there I was, lying in bed, struggling to get to sleep. But no, this was not because my mind was buzzing through the stages of a psammosere (sand dune to you and me) or trying desperately to remember the landforms caused by rejuvenation (don’t go there)… The reason that I couldn’t get to sleep was, infact, because I was excitedly planning my next shopping trip in my head!

Oh yes, I’ve clearly got my priorities sorted haven’t I? The thing is, in the run up to exam season, I’ve just been cooped up in the house with my books. And it is NOT, I repeat NOT fun. (Even though half the time you’re not really doing anything useful, but you say you’re “revising”. I managed to persuade my parents that watching “was French revision!) So the point is that you end up not revising, or shopping. Complete meaning “mare”, the more colloquial and shortened form of the well known “nightmare”. You’ll get used to my highly random lingo sooner or later.)

Sure, I hear you say, that’s what shopping online is for. And yes, I would reply, yes it is. But c’mon… we all know it’s not the same as walking round the shops, getting excited when something catches your eye, and the thrill when they actually have your size! Wahooo! And when you gather up all the gorgeous items you want to try on, and yes, the changing room may be stuffy and hot, and you may have had to queue for yonks… but just look how you look! Oh, and don’t get me started on sales and finding bargains, or else I may have to actually abandon this blog post and head off into town right now to get my fix.

I actually get withdrawal symptoms. I do. It’s slightly worrying. During term-time there are so few chances to hit the shops and it kills me that I may be missing out on new clothes, shoes and … bags! It’s not just me though, I sware! My friends have all been feeling it too. We’re teenage girls and we just NEED to shop every few weeks, even if we don’t buy much, or anything. The gaping hole needs to be filled, or else we’ll get twitchy. (Yeah, those teens that you’ve always thought were on drugs? Probs just haven’t hit the high street for a while.)

I know it’s awfully materialistic, and good Lord, my wardrobe is pretty much overflowing! (27 dresses? PAH! I’m creeping up for 40, Sweetheart.) I can tell you now, once exams are over, I will probably clear out the high street. It’s gonna be
But for now, it’s back to the maths. Happy shopping/revising!

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