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You know, it’s not only our products and packaging that are green; here at Ecover, we’re also a little green-fingered, too. So it’s no surprise that we’ve become such firm friends with Rocket Gardens, whose home-delivered instant veg gardens indulge our ‘Good Life’ tendencies and let us enjoy the satisfaction of growing our own.

Although we’re the proud owners of a living, Sedum grass factory roof, we’ve had a few disasters when it comes to growing fruit, veg and herbs from scratch! Rocket Gardens let us avoid the disappointment of waiting for seeds that won’t sprout.

It works like this: the growers at Rocket Garden nurseries nurture baby seedlings until they’re established enough to be packaged up and posted to your door when they can be placed in the ground and grown to perfection by your own fair hands.

The budding boxes of seedlings they send out are organic in every sense of the word. Grown naturally under a full-organic regime, the seeds are sourced from Soil Association-approved organic seed suppliers. Even the compost they use is approved for use in Organic systems.

Rocket has just launched a new approach to growing your own in the form of their Constant Gardens. These provide a year-round supply of fresh plants delivered throughout the seasons for you to grow and harvest. They’re so confident you’ll love growing a constant garden that with every order, there’s an invite for four to spend a week camping at the Rocket Farm in Cornwall. Visit the place where your plants are raised, and enjoy an old fashioned Cornish camping adventure.

As green gardeners and keen foodies throughout the land would agree, there’s nothing quite so delicious as a plate of veg that’s been grown naturally in your back garden.

Rocket Gardens and Ecover

Like us, Rocket Gardens approach things from the roots up and consider the impact every stage of their production process has on the environment. The water they use to nourish their plants is natural rainwater collected from polytunnel roofs. When the rainwater has done its job, it’s recycled in Rocket Gardens’ reservoir. The plants themselves are grown in biodegradable pots or bare-rooted, which means Rocket Gardens don’t have to waste thousands of individual plastic pots to get things growing. Any packaging they use is as ecologically friendly as possible – recycled cardboard and straw, for example, because they can go straight back onto the compost heap.

The act of growing your own is a great one; it means you get fresh, free fruit and veg in line with the seasons whilst lessening consumption and reducing the demand for intensive production. Rocket Gardens go one step further and give us a way to make every aspect of home-growing children play more ecologically sound. It’s no wonder every bite of a Rocket Garden fruit, herb or vegetable tastes so good!

Warren Evans

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