Top Fashion Celebrities

This article lists some of the top of the list fashion celebrities whose style and sense of dressing inspire others.

1. Michelle Obama

The First Lady Michelle Obama, might not be a show biz celebrity but she sure is one of the most admired fashion icons of this day and age. Her dress style reflects that she appears very comfortable in her clothes. Her accessories fit her outfits perfectly to complete the appearance and personage. From earrings to belts, to broaches and necklaces; what she wears soon becomes a trend. She neither overdoes, nor understates ensembles so that she always appears well groomed and polished.

Some of the worth mentioning names from her closet include:

  1. Jason Wu
  2. Narciso Rodriguez
  3. Zero + Maria Cornejo
  4. J.Crew
  5. Rodarte

2. Kate Moss

We love the appeals of Kate Moss’ style; from her trendy hairstyles to the garments she dons, whether they are casual or formal wear. Whether it is her skinny jeans or a tank top, she looks dazzling in every outfit she puts on. The fashionistas consider her style to be the most glamorous for every season. Fashion-wise, there is nothing that Kate Moss wears which can be wrong in any sense. Usually the cameras catch her without makeup, but still featuring that fabulously tousled hair that is a much desired look for women. She always appears effortlessly graceful.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

She might not be the prettiest of them all, and she certainly is the most well-dressed fashion celebrity who is not afraid of experimenting with new looks and mixing her fashionable outfits. She is one celebrity who took the fashion world by storm on screen. So vivid and refreshing was her approach towards fashion that very soon every chic magazine was splashing her inventive style in photos on the pages of their magazines. Sarah; who has also starred in “Sex and the City” is known for flaunting show stopping outfits.

Some names in her in her high fashion wardrobe include:

  1. Oscar de la Renta
  2. Halston Heritage
  3. Chanel
  4. Alexander McQueen
  5. Deener
  6. LaROK

4. Chloë Sevigny

She is considered as one of the most fashion-forward celebrities. The thing about her which the fashionistas love the most is her ability to reinvent fashion to bring out the best in dressing and accessories that go absolutely well with her personality. Furthermore, it never looks as if she is trying hard to grace the outfits she wears. It is as though fashion comes naturally to her.

Her closet options comprise of:

  1. Valentino
  2. Proenza Schouler
  3. Chloé among many others.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Who can have enough of Jen’s fashion? She has a knack of stunning all with her classic, chic and fashion- forward outfits with perfectly combined dazzling accessories. She wears clothes that complement her body which brings out the best of her mile long legs and curvy hips. She wears the right colors to complement her skin tone; she chooses hairstyles that give her the most desired looks. She is the epitome of style and fashion.

Some worth mentioning names that make up her closet options include:

  1. Dolce &Gabbana
  2. Armani Privé
  3. Versace
  4. Marchesa

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