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Warren Evans

One of the best ways to prevent waste and keep our landfills less full is to buy quality, well-made products that are built to last. Warren Evans’ hand-made beds last a lifetime.

Their local craftsmen have been making beds by hand using responsibly sourced timber for almost 35 years. As the first bed-maker in the UK to be officially certified by the FSC®, they try to be environmentally aware in all that they do. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed; alongside an armful of highly acclaimed and sought after green awards, they’ve also been named on The Sunday Times’ Best Green Company list for four years running.

As well as durable bed frames crafted from sustainably sourced timber, they also supply organic mattresses using 100% organic Welsh sheep’s wool and 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton – credentials which have earned them certification from The Soil Association.

And their ethical, eco-conscious streak doesn’t stop there. The Team at Warren Evans are given green manuals to help them discover ways to be greener. Their green workshop in Walthamstow in London is heated by a Carbon Trust-approved biomass boiler, which burns sawdust and wood left over from the bed-making process. Beds are delivered in re-usable sheets rather than plastic wrapping and the old beds they remove and replace are recycled. Warren Evans also donate free beds and mattresses as house-warming presents to Big Issue vendors re-homed by the Big Issue Foundation. It’s not just their beds that make us feel warm – it’s their generosity, too.

Ecover and Warren Evans

Our shared values mean we’re proud to recommend Warren Evans and they’re proud to say they only use Ecover cleaning products throughout their organisation.

We admire them because, like us, they were one of the first in their industry to adopt an eco attitude, yet they never rest on their laurels – they keep on striving to be better. One thing’s for sure: a beautiful bed, responsibly made with care and consideration for the environment, is sure to give you a good night’s sleep.

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